ApolloNode Node Terms of Service

You agree to these Terms of Service by visiting http://apollonode.com [ApolloNode]

(1) References: I. ApolloNode will be referred to ApolloNode, Us, We, Our here on out. You will be referred to You, Customer here on out. Terms of Service will also be referred to ToS. This is for you to understand who we are referring to in this ToS.
(2) Purchasing a Service: I. When you purchase any service(s) from us, you are fully in acceptance of this ToS and all other binding agreements such as Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) and Privacy Policy. If you do not abide by or follow this ToS, we have the right to terminate your service(s) without refund. II. Every of our services (Web Hosting and Game Servers) also incur its separate AUP. When purchasing a server, you are also agreeing to the specific AUP for that service. III. You are agreeing that you are 18 years of age or older when purchasing any of our services. If you are younger than 18 years of age, please ask a guardian to purchase any of our services. We will not be liable for unauthorized purchases on your behalf.
(3) Termination: I. If you misuse our service then we have the rights to terminate your service. Misuses could be that you are using your service to store data that is pertaining to the purchased service (This includes, but is not limited to storing documents, videos, pictures, etc.). This also includes overflowing your server will huge amounts of files. Our service is not a storage service and should not be meant to be used in this way. II. Our service shall not be used for illegal activities. Illegal activities would be anything that intends to hurt someone and government. We will work with authorities to find for illegal activities. III. Having multiple client area accounts for the same person is not allowed and will be terminated. Sharing client area account is also prohibited. You own your account and you assume all responsibility for all actions that occur within your account, no matter if another person commenced the action. IV. Any disagreement regarding our ToS, Privacy Policy, or laws could also get your service terminated.
(4) Fraud: I. By using our any of our service, you are agreeing that all submitted information are legitimate. Submitted information may be used to identify that you are who you say you are. II. If we are unable to verify your identity then we may request more information from you via email to update your account data on file with us. At times, we may terminate your account and service without an email warning because you are abusing our service or disobeying our ToS, Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, or federal laws.
(5) Fair Use Policy: I. All server comes with the amount of resources and configurations you purchase at checkout unless you bought add-on(s) for your service. II. We do not place any limits on the bandwidth you can use, but if we deem that you are using a significant amount of resources such as bandwidth that negatively impacts our network then we will suspend your service with or withour prior notice or consent. III. If you attempt to bypass these limits by any means then your service is subject to termination without notice. IV. You have unlimited disk space, however we may ask you to delete any data that is not used by your website. V. Your web hosting may not be used as a storage system.
(6) Billing: I. Once you finalize your purchase with PayPal, you will receive a confirmation email telling you the server information (Maybe in Spam/Junk folder if it is not in Inbox). If you request a refund within 24 hours of activation then you will receive a full refund via PayPal. This only applies to new customers and their first order. The activation period starts when you receive the server information regarding your service. II. We can not guarantee that all promotions and coupon codes will always work. Promotion and coupon codes will be subject to its own terms so please read the terms before using it on our website. III. We are allowed to change our pricing for our service at any time. You are required to pay the new prices when renewing your service. IV. Invoices are created and emailed to you fourteen (14) days before your renewal. You will also receive a first reminder seven (7) days and one (1) day before your renewal. Inability to pay will get your service suspended. You will have five (5) days after the due date to renew your service and after those five (5) days are up then your service will be terminated and all your files pertaining to your service will be deleted from our system. This extra five (5) does not mean extra days of service. We do not accept extension requests.
(7) Refunds: I. We can only provide refunds to your first order you placed with us within 24 hours of receiving your server information regarding your service. After the 24 hours of receiving your server information are up then you are no longer eligible to receive a refund. All refunds are made through the same method you made during payment. This only applies to new customers on their first order. Services like domains and account credits can not receive refunds. II. We will only offer refunds if you will us a valid probable cause for termination and as long as you have obeyed our ToS, Privacy Policy, federal laws while using our service. If we do not receive a valid probable cause or see that you did not follow these agreements then we reserve the right to cancel your service without refund.
n (8) Service Disruption: I. If you disrupt our service and/or other customers service by any means (DDoS, hacking, etc.), then we have the legal right to terminate your service and may you face penalties. We will work with authorities to resolve all cases under certain circumstances.
(9) SLA: I. We try our best to offer one-hundred percent (100%) uptime, but we do sometimes fail on that promise. We will compensate every of our affected customer by applying credits to your next invoice. II. For every hour of downtime we detect, we will compensate fifty cents (0.50 USD) for each hour of unavailability up to the full price of your renewal period. III. All downtime must be reported within three (3) days of the incident via support ticket to our Sales/Billing department to be able to be compensated. Additionally, the downtime should have been registered with our status page to be valid. IV. Anything such as network and hardware issues is eligible. Scheduled maintenance are not eligible for this SLA uptime compensation.
(10) Data Backups: I. We will not be liable for loss of data. You as the customer are in charge of your server backups. Even if you have a scheduled backup task set, there will still be a chance that our system may corrupt all the data (Even backups), we are not liable for your data loss if that happens.
(11) Terms of Service Updates: I. We reserve the right to make revisions to our ToS agreements at any time. When we do, you must abide by the revisions or your service may get terminated. We recommend checking back once a month to see if it has been updated. Major ToS updates will have an email notification notifying people of the ToS changes.

II. Even if some terms are not included in this ToS or any other binding agreements, whether it be Acceptable Use Policy or Privacy Policy, it does not mean you will not be held accountable for wrongdoings.