ApolloNode Node Privacy Policy

At ApolloNode, we take your privacy seriously. We will make sure that all your information is safe and secure from unauthorized access. We are in compliance with all United Kingdom privacy laws and regulations. This Privacy Policy will go over on how we Collect, Manage, Store, and Distribute your personal data.
We never collect unnecessary data like SSN, birthday, or any other private personal data. If you are receiving suspicious emails then please report them immediately forwarding the email to [email protected] with the subject being “ApolloNode Fraud/Suspicious Email” and we will look into it.
(1) Data Collection:
I. During registration, we will only request the following information from you. We will never share this information with third parties without your consent. We will use this information to verify that you are who you say you are. Name, Email, Address, Phone Number. II. We collect data through SSL (Secure Socket Layer). When visiting our website, be sure you be using https://apollonode.com to access our website besides http://apollonode.com. All submitted data will safely be transmitted to and from our servers. Your data is secure both ways during transmission, and no data is transmitted insecurely. III.We will collect analytical data such as IP, location (country, city, etc.), operating system, internet browser, and type/manufacturer of device so we can better assess our customer and adapt to our customers’ needs. We use Google Analysis and Cloudflare as our tools for analytical information. We will never share or sell these information with anybody such as advertisers and will only be for our internal use purposes. IV. Cookies are placed on your browser to remember you such as shopping cart, account information, etc. These cookies are saved to your device. If you click on an affiliate link, a cookie will be stored for ninety (90) days on your machine.
(2) Data Management:
I. We never distribute your confidential information with other business(es), people, or entit(y/ies). If we have to for some reason then we will be sure to ask for your consent.
(III) Stored Data (How we use your data):
I. The only people that will see your submitted data would be the staff here at ApolloNode. We will only use it to provide assistance for your service and may use it to verify your identity when we are uncertain about the identity of one of our customers. II. All your information is hashed using a high level of encryption when stored in our database.
(4) Distribution:
I. We never give your information to third parties and advertisers. If we do for some reason, we will request your permission via email. Any suspicious email should be reported to us by forwarding the email to [email protected] II. Since we use a live chat provider, information submitted during the live chat is subject to their own Privacy Policy. III. If we deem that you are harming our service or deem that you are doing anything that disobeys our legal agreements then we are able to look at your files with or without notice nor prior consent. IV. The government where your server is hosted can also issue a search warrant for your service if they deem that you are doing illegal activities. These cases are reviewed by us individually and we may accept or deny their request. Additionally, our facility management teams can also do the same.
(5) Privacy Policy Updates:
I. We reserve the right to make revisions to our Privacy Policy agreements at any time. When we do, you must abide by revisions or your service(s) may get terminated. We recommend checking back once a month to see if it has been updated.